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Gifts for Girls

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Tire Swings

Tire Swings 5 star

If you haven't got room for a pony then the Jumping Pony, Stallion and Pinky Princess Pony tire swing may be the next best thing! Made from recycled tires these swings are built with care as well as lots of imagination! Optional seat belts, lariats, and pony hats are available too. Swings come completely assembled and ready to hang on a tree limb, deck, play set, or other structure - Giddy Up!

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Target 5 star

Target have one of the most comprehensive range of toys on the planet - from favorite characters to learning toys and games, dress-ups and tech toys and their Speciality Toy Boutique full of special interest toys.Target

Gorgeous gift ideas for girls of all ages

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American Girl is jam packed with the things that matter most to girls: party plans, games, crafts, and girl-to-girl advice. Parents also love American Girl because it's all about feeling good about yourself. For girls 7-11 it features stories, creative games, cool contests, great sports tips, puzzles, giggles and

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Go to now 5 star is an online clothing design studio for girls 5-12 where they can design and order clothes that get shipped right to their doorstep! Create a custom design in just minutes by choosing from a variety of t-shirts, hoodies, dresses in their size and color choice and then adding embellishments like ribbon, rhinestones and ruffles.

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Up & Riding

Up & Riding 5 star

For Gals that are on the go Up & Riding have fashions that look great and wear well. Really cool gear from Billy Girls, O'Neill, Roxy Girl and more, the range includes Boardies, Tees, Dresses and Jackets, Tops and Bottoms, Swimwear, groovy Totes and Wallets, Sunnies, Wallets and WatchesUp & Riding

Brilliant Gift ideas for Girls who love the beach, outdoors and having fun!

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