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WildTangent Games

WildTangent Games 5 star

WildTangent Games is an online games service with more than 1,500 casual, core, and kids games. WildClub members play on their own terms by using monthly installments of WildCoins to rent games, purchase games, and buy in-game items.

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GamersGate is a digital distribution platform, providing ready gaming experiences for gamers worldwide – anytime, anywhere. Choose from all the latest games in action, strategy, RPG (Role-Playing Game), adventure, casual, and simulator. They offer games for both PC and Mac, as well as a range of game guides.

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Big Fish Games

Big Fish Games 5 star

Big Fish Games sells a monster range of online games. They offer free 1 hour trials to help you decide which game you wish to purchase, and there is not limit! Genres include: puzzle, strategy, adventure, arcade, kids, word and much more.

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OnSale 4 star

From Xbox to iPod, plus gear for gamers. Cool cases, memory, video cards and networking hardware.OnSale

Just about everything a serious gamer could possibly want from precision mice to the latest game releases.

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RealNetworks 4 star

Download a great game each month for SuperPass members. Get everything from puzzle and word games to action and adventure classics. Plus many more advantages for SuperPass members including free music, free radio stations and more.RealNetworks

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PopCap Games

PopCap Games 4 star

PopCap Games offers a range of arcade, puzzle and action games to be played online or downloaded for free to be played on PC, mobile or iPod.PopCap Games

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Aces High WWII Interactive Game

Aces High WWII Interactive Game 4 star

Engage in air, land or sea combat, Create your own missions, Form a squadron, Find action 24 hours a day, Participate in historical scenarios.Aces High WWII Interactive Game

New users get a free two week trial of the premium subscription service. An unlimited usage subsciption is US $14.95 per month.

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