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A complete line of fashion fabrics for apparel, home decor and quilting. Shop for denims, slinkys, linens and faux fur, velvets and shirtings, knits and woolens. Buy patterns and cutting tools plus threads and pins and heaps

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Sizzix 5 star

An amazing selection of award-winning shape-cutting machines and complementary die designs - Beyond scrapbooking, Sizzix products offer a wide range of design options for creative projects from scrapbooking, cardmaking, rubberstamping and other forms of papercrafting to home decor, fashion and more.Sizzix

Sizzix machines can cut or emboss many materials, including paper, self-adhesive rubber, sheet magnet, foil, static cling vinyl, fabric, felt, thin metal, shrink plastic and poly foam

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Scrapbook MAX

Scrapbook MAX 5 star

Scrapbook MAX! is a fun and easy way to create great looking digital scrapbooks on your computer. Combine photos, embellishments, journal text, speech bubbles, music and more. Ready-to-use scrapbook themes and layouts help you get started. It even includes photo retouching tools like red-eye reduction, torn edges and shadows.Scrapbook MAX

Print your scrapbooks in high-res color, or publish to video CD, slideshows, screensavers, web and more, this easy-to-use scrapbooking software makes it fun!

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All Brands

All Brands 5 star

A comprehensive range of Sewing machines, Quilting machines, Embroidery machines, Knitting machines, Dress forms, Fabrics and Designs for the home or industrial sewing.All Brands

Sewing Equipment - Fabric Care - Home Cleaning - Household Goods - Speacials and Closeouts

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Joann 5 star

Scrapbook supplies, pages, kits, stickers, organizers, quotes and sayings, layouts, die cuts, paper and heaps more.Joann

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Spreadshirt Designer US

Spreadshirt Designer US 5 star

Design custom t-shirts or buy cool shirts. You can individually design an assortment of products, T-Shirts, jackets, accessories etc. or choose from their design gallery.Spreadshirt Designer US

Open your own shop free and sell your designs

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Waxent 3 star

Easy and ready to use Replica Wax Seals. Peel and Stick Waxent Wax Seals, Brass Stamps and other Wax Seal products. Self-adhering Replica Wax Seals.Waxent

No wax melting, no seal stamping, just Peel and Stick

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